The Alpepass region is known for beautiful coastal alpine mountains with spectacular views and location. Here are large amounts of snow, and conditions for a natural experience beyond the ordinary. With Alpepass you get a unique opportunity to experience 9 selected destinations with one ski pass. 

Get in touch with one of our resorts and find a resort for your taste. Is it the family who is going skiing, are you looking for a challenge or are you just simply looking forward to making the most of what the area has to offer? ALPEPASS gives you the opportunity to experience Arena Overøye, Harpefossen Ski Center, Ørsta Ski Center, Strandafjellet, Stryn Vinterski, Volda Ski Center, Ørskogfjellet, Fjellseter and Hornindal Ski Center with one ski pass. 


Avalanche bulletin Sunnmøre


Avalanche bulletin  Nordfjord